A talented user experience boffin and friend sent a link my way. It led me to a post on US-based designer James De Angelis’s blog, and a sneaky peak into James’ design process for legal services website LawPath, an Australian legal portal.

Law Path design
Image credit: James De Angelis / LawPath, http://jamesdeangelis.com/lawpath.html

James was responsible for all aspects of the design, including logo, branding and UX / UI design.

He explains some of the key thought processes behind the design process, including simplifying the steps of the sign-up form to maximise conversions and creating a logo and brand which helped to convey LawPath as established and trustworthy.

James designed the site to be mobile-friendly, as a whopping 25% of users (at the time) were visiting on mobile devices.

The blog is well worth a look.