A vision for contemporary, business-focused case management through extensive user research, wireframing, analysis and iteration. 

A growing business dealing with a significant case load needed its in-house case management software to keep up. I was tasked with developing a user-centric vision to influence and inform the technical roadmap.

Kickoff workshop

I set up a kickoff workshop to gather business and stakeholder requirements. As with any good workshop, sticky notes and Sharpie pens were in high demand.

Kickoff workshop photo

User flows and paper prototyping

Unpicking the many and varied workflows of over 100 staff took time, patience, and lots of pen on paper. I use A3 card and coloured pens to produce fast visualisations and paper prototypes, with help and feedback from users and stakeholders across the company. 

Sketches and paper prototype

Extensive user testing and interviews

A key part of the research phase was watching staff use the existing system. I conducted over 50 in depth interviews and user tests. I recorded, summarised and analysed each one. 

Photo of user testing session


At the end of the research phase I undertook a detailed analysis of findings, and boiled down the data into key issues and priorities. I visualised the research and presented the findings to the business. 

Issue analysis diagram

UI design

Following the research phase I conducted an extensive, iterative design process. With continuing input from users, I produced  wireframes and, subsequently, an advanced interactive prototype.

Case management UI design in browser
Case management UI design in browser
Case management UI design in browser

Product video

Communicating the results of the project to the business was vital. I created a brief product video to highlight key findings and proposals. It was played to all staff at a company event.

Moose 2 video clip

As intended, the product vision continues to inform the roadmap, with features and improvements added regularly to the current system.