Delivering a 32% increase in satisfaction for professionals and families through research, user profiling and UI design.

On joining the business, my first task was to conduct an extensive UX review of an online document storage and case-tracking service following poor user feedback.

Card-sorting and information architecture analysis

Navigation had been identified as a source of frustration for users. I invited users to take part in an online card-sorting exercise, to help identify groupings and priorities. I presented the results to the business by highlighting issues with the existing menu (below).


As part of the research phase I profiled users based on evidence from surveys, user testing and user interviews. I created a set of personas – fictionalised, evidence-based summaries of users – to help keep the design process user-focused.

Persona example

Field studies / user tests

I travelled around the country visiting users at their places of work. Getting a feel for their working environment, and conducting user tests on their computers and devices, helped me gain a richer understanding of the context of use and the issues with the existing software. 

User test screenshot
User test photo

Above: I recorded all user tests with both screen recording software (for a clear view on mouse movements and clicks) and a camera (for hand gestures and contextual information). 

Below: After each test I reviewed the videos and summarised the results in a spreadsheet, highlighting key issues for review. 

UI designs

Having gained a thorough understanding of user needs, I produced a set of interactive mockups and design guidelines for development. 

Insight design in browser
Insight UI design in browser

Measurable KPI improvements

At the start of the project I sent a survey to users, partly for ‘benchmarking’ purposes – to understand the current level of satisfaction. A few months after release of the revamped system, I sent the same questions to the same users. The results (below) showed a significant increase in satisfaction.

Insight benchmarking report