A streamlined, responsive experience for professionals meeting with bereaved families.

The app is capable of running online and offline, on multiple devices.


The app was new and experimental. As UX project lead, after understanding and documenting business requirements and project scope, one of my earlier tasks was to produce a set of interactive wireframes for user testing.

User testing

I visited a number of users and conducted moderated, in-person user tests, which I recorded. I analysed and documented the results, which helped us to iterate the wireframes and conduct further tests. Field testing – which takes place at a user’s home or place of work – can be an effective way to gain a more detailed understanding of user needs.

Wireframe testing GIF

User profiling

Using evidence from testing the wireframes, user interviews and surveys, I produced a set of personas, red routes and written recommendations ready for development. 

UX report screenshots

UI design and development

I produced a set of mockups and UI principles and worked closely with the engineers during development. The system was released on time and was well received. It opened up new possibilities for engagement and new sales channels for the business.