A video with over 500,000 views (and counting) is doing the rounds. It’s the beautifully-captured moment when three older friends attempt to use a smartphone to take a photograph.

It’s a lovely case of UX in action, with the companions struggling to reconcile the fact that they can see themselves in the phone and having difficulty taking photos while the phone is the ‘wrong way round’. Presumably the camera had been switched to front-facing mode, and (clearly) the video was recorded accidentally. Both of which are mistakes made by even the most experienced phone users, so these day-trippers need not feel too embarrassed.

The lady on the left is Barbara Crowley, and, as comments on Facebook attest, she thinks it’s “mad” that the video has already had hundreds of thousands of views, and “can’t walk down the street without folks asking ‘Have you mastered it yet?'”.

Phone UX designers take note.

Watch the video here.