UX infographic

For many, user experience is an unfamiliar concept. In spring 2015 I created this infographic to summarise a few of the benefits and principles of UX, including one approach to a usability testing process.

Also produced as a limited edition teatowel!

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UX Infographic JPEG




Sources of statistics:

  • By improving conversions and customer satisfaction, UX has been shown to increase key performance indicators by 83% (Nielsen, Jacob – 2013).

  • By defining requirements upfront and avoiding complex changes later on, UX has been shown to cut development times by 50% (MITX – 2009, ROI of UX).

  • By ensuring a user-centric system and prioritising critical features, UX can reduce support costs by up to 90% (Strategic Data Consulting Special Report – 2009, UX Business Impacts on ROI).